Hurricane, Typhoon or Cyclone? Same Storm, Different Name

[Read our tips for protecting your home if you have to evacuate.] Tropical cyclones around the world are named according to a list maintained by the World Meteorological Organization. The names of the deadliest storms, like Typhoon Haiyan or Hurricane Katrina, are retired. Grading a storm’s intensity Hurricanes are categorized 1 to 5 according to […]

Not in My Backyard – The New York Times

CANBERRA Bush Capital By Peter Papathanasiou Australia’s bush capital, Canberra, is so-called because the city is very much part of its natural surroundings. It’s not uncommon to find shingleback lizards in backyards, spiny echidnas in suburban parks, or poisonous brown snakes in office workplaces. Kangaroos are also a regular sight in suburbia, in plague proportions, […]